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Turn your management upside down – the upside-down pyramid style

Posted by Igor Moochnick on 06/02/2012

Just read an amazing piece from Joel Spolsky where he describes his own unique style of management. I could agree more. It’s the best description I ever heard about how to make successful teams:

“Stop thinking of the management team at the top of the organization. Start thinking of the software developers, the designers, the product managers, and the front line sales people as the top of the organization”

It is so true – when you hire smart people, let them do what you’ve hired them for. Self-organizing teams, that we’ve all learned about from the Agile practice, can work ONLY when you hire smart people. If your teams are not successful and not self-organizing – check the root cause: are you sure you hired the right smart people?

Organizations can scale successfully and move forward ONLY when the sub-pieces of the organization can be self-directing. The management exists ONLY to provide general message, coordination and support for the employees (removing impediments).


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