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Tips for building Large-Scale rich Web sites and applications

Posted by Igor Moochnick on 06/09/2012

When you’re building a workflow-rich web site or application, you’re in a danger to get buried under piles of entangled JavaScript code, web pages, styles and other related artifacts.

It’s better to follow the best practices from the beginning to reduce the weight of the complexity and enable easy extensibility of your code. Here are a couple of links that may put you on a good path:

Here is an entry list of frameworks to know about:

I’m not afraid to admit that I’m not a web designer and I struggle with building good-looking sites, but there are a couple of tricks that I use to make sure that I’m not stuck:

Tips for VisualStudio–devoted crowd:


Here are a couple of more helpful ones:

  • async.js – Async utilities for node and the browser

4 Responses to “Tips for building Large-Scale rich Web sites and applications”

  1. Check out Dan Wahlin’s post “JavaScript Data Binding Frameworks” where he talks about different data biding frameworks – http://weblogs.asp.net/dwahlin/archive/2012/07/08/javascript-data-binding-frameworks.aspx

  2. Interesting article comparing different MVx frameworks for SPA – Rich JavaScript Applications – the Seven Frameworks (Throne of JS, 2012) [http://blog.stevensanderson.com/2012/08/01/rich-javascript-applications-the-seven-frameworks-throne-of-js-2012/]

  3. Great resource for using Backbone.js – http://addyosmani.github.com/backbone-fundamentals/

  4. Library for rich data management on the client side – Breeze.js [http://www.breezejs.com/]

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