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My experience with Kanban

Posted by Igor Moochnick on 02/02/2010

Kanban Board

Snapshot of my latest Kanban-driven project.

I’ve been running Kanban projects for over a year and I should tell you that I find this methodology working wonders.

Kanban is not for everyone, but I find it very useful in the environments with the geographically distributed sparse teams and, especially, in the agile-non-friendly team members and management.

You may notice that titles are duplicated. This was done to accommodate discrepancies in the acceptable and familiar dictionaries of my teammates and management.

One of the best features of Kanban is to detect and expose bottlenecks. This is exactly what happened in this project – notice the pile up of tasks in the “Ready for QA” slot due to lack of resources.

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Wintellect Toolkit

Posted by Igor Moochnick on 02/01/2010

Check out a great article about the tools used by Wintellect folks.

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