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CodeCamp #10 [InTENsity] – see you at my presentations

Posted by Igor Moochnick on 08/28/2008

Note: Please forward this information to anyone who is interested.

The next CodeCamp #10 will be held in Waltham, MA on weekend September 20th and 21st.

For more information check Chris Bowen’s post.

Currently there are 33 submitted (and growing number of) presentations.

I’ll be presenting the “Toolbox for Agile Projects and Developers” and will be covering the topics like:

  • Agile Development Practices
  • TDD ( Test Driven Development)
  • Unit Testing
  • Mocking
  • IOC / DI (Inversion of Control / Dependency Injection)
  • ORM (Object Relational Mapping)
  • Code Coverage
  • Source Control
  • etc …

It appears that the amount of information is enormous, so I’ve decided to split these topics into 2 separate presentations.

See you all there …

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Summer of NHibernate Screencast Series

Posted by Igor Moochnick on 08/25/2008

Pretty valuable resource for those who decides to take a look at NHibernate – Summer of NHibernate Screencast Series.

These series cover most of what you need to know about NHibernate, beginning from configuration, mapping, through querying and to very advanced issues, like interceptors.

Take a look.

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