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Building responsive scalable cloud Web applications with ASP.Net MVC4, WebApi, SignalR and Knockout

Posted by Igor Moochnick on 04/03/2012

Thanks for everyone who’ve attended my CodeCamp presentation. Thanks for organizers for making it happen.

I’ve had a chance to build the realistic distributed application live-coding from scratch. The application consisted from 2 roles – web role and a worker role. During the demo I’ve used the Amazon AWS cloud, but the similar technique can be applied to Azure deployments.

The audience was great and engaging even though we didn’t have enough and I was flying through the code.

The code I’m publishing (Amazon AWS demo) is a beautified version of the one we’ve created during the Code Camp.

Stay tuned for the mirrored Azure demo code…

NOTE: This is a simplified version and should not be treated as a real-life application.


2 Responses to “Building responsive scalable cloud Web applications with ASP.Net MVC4, WebApi, SignalR and Knockout”

  1. friism said

    If you want less set-up, configuration and maintenance, you might want to consider something like AppHarbor (https://apphabor.com/) to run your app. We support both web and background workers, we have a bunch of add-ons and we’re a fully managed service with convenient deployment.

    • I like the idea of the AppHarbor, Cloud9, etc…, but they are well suited only for the small deployments. If we’re talking about the Enterprise-level deployments or, if you want to have full control over the cloud workflows, you can’t rely on such providers.

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