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Hello from the mobile-me

Posted by Igor Moochnick on 10/31/2011

Today, with our super busy schedules, we’re badgered into producing (anything and everything). This is how our employees make sure to get as much as possible ROI (return on investment) out of you.

I’ve always felt that there was not enough time to consume and to learn in general. This was alway bugging me because I felt that my value was declining with each and every passing day and I was afraid that something new in the world will be born without me learning abou it.

I hope that this situation is going to improve going forward. Recently I got myself an iPad. This allows me to get more content consumption on the road and on a couch.

With this post I’m, in fact, testing a WordPress application for iPad.

If it works as expected, will try to start posting on my blog the links to noteworthy content and, as usual, you are welcome to comment.


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