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Installing a second TeamCity build agent on the same server

Posted by Igor Moochnick on 03/27/2011

1. Install a new build agent (uncheck the Windows service) on a different port and a different path.

Ex: ownPort = 9092

2. Change the buildAgent.properties file:

Ex: name=BuildAgent2

3. Add a Windows service for the build agent:

sc create TCBuildAgent2 DisplayName= "TeamCity Build Agent Service2" start= auto binPath= "C:\TeamCity\buildAgent2\launcher\bin\TeamCityAgentService-windows-x86-32.exe -s C:\TeamCity\buildAgent2\launcher\conf\wrapper.conf wrapper.ntservice.account=

If you’ve installed the agent to run under non-System credentials your password will be written in the registry in plain text. Don’t forget to remove it from there.


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