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Putting SOAP to REST – Cape Code .NET User Group @ Hyannis, MA

Posted by Igor Moochnick on 12/24/2009

I’d like to thank the Cape Code .NET User Group for giving me the opportunity to talk about SOAP and REST and, specifically, Todd Kittredge and Venture Hyannis for hosting the event.

I’ve posted the slide deck on the Slideshare:


[Update: 12/31/2009]

The landing page for the REST in WCF will point you to the location of the REST Starter Kit.


I’d like to remind you that everybody is invited to the upcoming Northeast Roadshow. You can find more information on Chris Bowen and Jim O’Neil blogs.

While these guys are working on the main Roadshow page, you can access their staging location for the near-final info.


2 Responses to “Putting SOAP to REST – Cape Code .NET User Group @ Hyannis, MA”

  1. Todd Kittredge said

    Thank you Igor for a GREAT hands-on discussion at the December Cape Cod .NET meeting, illustrating when to leverage both SOAP and REST; no longer an either/or proposition!

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