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WCF Certification (70-503) is mine!!! Now I’m a certified (MCPD) Enterprise Application Developer

Posted by Igor Moochnick on 09/06/2009

If you were wondering why there was a silence on my blog – I was preparing for a battle with the Prometric testing computer 😉 And I Won!!! Last week I’ve passed my LAST (for the near future) certification exam: Windows Communication Foundation. This gave me another MCT certification –

MCTS wcf

And finally enabled my long overdue certification MCPD Enterprise Application Developer.

MCPD ent

To those who are looking into passing this certification you may use the following materials that I found very helpful (after the break):

MSDN Webcast: Windows Communication Foundation Top to Bottom

by Michele Leroux Bustamante, writer of the “Learning WCF” book by O’Reilly

Part 01: Overview (Level 100)
Part 02: Contracts (Level 200)
Part 03: Contract Versioning (Level 200)
Part 04: Exceptions and Faults (Level 200)
Part 05: Bindings (Level 200)
Part 06: Hosting (Level 200)
Part 07: Messaging Patterns (Level 200)
Part 08: Instancing Modes (Level 200)
Part 09: Concurrency, Throughput, and Throttling (Level 200)
Part 10: Security Fundamentals (Level 200)
Part 11: Federated Security (Level 200)
Part 12: Reliable Messaging (Level 200)
Part 13: Transactions (Level 200)
Part 14: Message Queuing (Level 200)
Part 15: Extensibility (Level 200)


Mike Taulty’s Screencasts: Windows Communication Foundation


Type Serialization

DataContract Serialization

Message Encoding
Message Patterns
Typed and Untyped Messages
HTTPS Transport Security
Message Security
Durable Services with WCF V3.5
Using HTTP, XML and JSON in WCF V3.5
Durable Services with WCF V3.5
Offering Syndicated RSS/ATOM Data from WCF V3.5 Services


and more …

Using Windows CardSpace with WCF by Dominick Baier

MSDN Webcast: RESTful Services with WCF 3.5 SP1

Part 1: Concepts and Introduction (Level 200)
Part 2: Security and Scalability (Level 200)


Great series of articles of fine-tuning WCF performance by Rick Rainey:

WCF Instancing, Concurrency, and Throttling – Part 1
WCF Instancing, Concurrency, and Throttling – Part 2
WCF Instancing, Concurrency, and Throttling – Part 3


and much much more … (hint: Google 😉


13 Responses to “WCF Certification (70-503) is mine!!! Now I’m a certified (MCPD) Enterprise Application Developer”

  1. Karthik said


    congrats on passing WCF Certification.I am just thinking about taking this test.May i know how did you prepared for this?which books yo have referred for preparaton?Could you please help in this?

    Thanks in advance
    Karthik M

  2. paperboy said

    I cant seem to find a textbook reference, did you use a specific textbook?
    If yes, which one?

  3. mike said

    Do you know where we get a sample exam?

  4. Naseem said

    Good job!

  5. Luis de Sousa said

    Great post, lots of usefull information!

  6. saif said

    Can you post some sample practices test you took before giving your certification.how would you rate the real exam after reading the links posted on your blog.

  7. raringsunny said

    Hi Igorshare,

    I really liked your blog and the information you have provided to prepare for 70-503 cert. I am preparing myself for this cert these days.

    You have referred to “read more” link above, which I couldn’t find. Could you please provide the URL that you’re referring to.

    Thank you!

  8. Efrain said

    Hi, I have a question for you, I have called to a examination office but they couldn’t inform me about the nature of the exam.

    Is it just test or is it a practical exam as well.

    Could you explain that to me please?
    I am studying it 🙂

  9. shuklaamit said

    Are there any prerequisite certifications before you can take up 70-503 ?
    I am already a MCTS in 70-235 (BizTalk Server 2006)

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