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Data in the Cloud: Data Camp presentation in Waltham

Posted by Igor Moochnick on 01/30/2009


It was a lot of fun to present last Saturday at the very first Data Camp that was held in Waltham.

Almost every company I worked with needed some ways to store and process huge amounts of data on the cloud – that includes Intel, ICQ/AOL, Symantec and Broadserve. The latter was the worst case scenario – it was an online multimedia streaming on demand.

So, as you can guess, I’ve learned a great deal about this “trade” and, after release of Amazon AWS and, now, Azure, I’ve become a happy man – no more need in setting up and managing your own infrastructure.

In my view, the “DATA in the Cloud” is actually a mix of the following 3 main aspects (“pillars”):

  1. Data Storage
  2. Data Processing
  3. Data Delivery
  4. Access Control (Authentication + Authorization)

Yes, I know – it’s four, but where can you go without mentioning the last one? Nowhere – you’ll be eaten alive 😉

In this presentation I’ve tried to distill all the different ways that Azure Fabric (Platform and Services) helps you to address all the (first) 3 aspects of working with the “Data in the Cloud”.

Enjoy the presentation!        (URL is here) 

While at this: I’d like to thank the organizers of the Waltham Data camp and Microsoft for providing support and the great location!!!

One Response to “Data in the Cloud: Data Camp presentation in Waltham”

  1. my $0.02: Igor does a great job of
    1) breaking down concepts into their fundamentals (which usually aren’t very complex)
    2) showing how a given technology composes those fundamentals to do something cool

    I find that most people aren’t very good at these, especially at technical presentations. There is too much marketing fluff, too many acronyms, too many fancy terms for something fundamentally simple. Igor is a fantastic exception to this dismal rule.

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