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Now I’m a MCTS: Win Forms (are we still using them?)

Posted by Igor Moochnick on 01/30/2009

Another one for my collection:  Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: .NET Framework 3.5, Windows Forms Applications


And the total is:


(I think that there is one more empty spot in this logo … Hmm…)

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Data in the Cloud: Data Camp presentation in Waltham

Posted by Igor Moochnick on 01/30/2009


It was a lot of fun to present last Saturday at the very first Data Camp that was held in Waltham.

Almost every company I worked with needed some ways to store and process huge amounts of data on the cloud – that includes Intel, ICQ/AOL, Symantec and Broadserve. The latter was the worst case scenario – it was an online multimedia streaming on demand.

So, as you can guess, I’ve learned a great deal about this “trade” and, after release of Amazon AWS and, now, Azure, I’ve become a happy man – no more need in setting up and managing your own infrastructure.

In my view, the “DATA in the Cloud” is actually a mix of the following 3 main aspects (“pillars”):

  1. Data Storage
  2. Data Processing
  3. Data Delivery
  4. Access Control (Authentication + Authorization)

Yes, I know – it’s four, but where can you go without mentioning the last one? Nowhere – you’ll be eaten alive 😉

In this presentation I’ve tried to distill all the different ways that Azure Fabric (Platform and Services) helps you to address all the (first) 3 aspects of working with the “Data in the Cloud”.

Enjoy the presentation!        (URL is here) 

While at this: I’d like to thank the organizers of the Waltham Data camp and Microsoft for providing support and the great location!!!

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