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SOSA – Spaghetti-oriented Service Architecture

Posted by Igor Moochnick on 08/01/2008

Just saw the Jim Webber’s presentation on "Guerilla SOA" – this is the must-see presentation for all the people that are working with the distributed services.

In my opinion I’d like to get rid of the SOA abbreviation – it’s an overloaded paradigm that is overused and abused. This is what you need to know if you build service-based products:

  1. Talk to the business people – they are your main source in understanding the data flow
  2. Make the interfaces as simple as possible (don’t overdesign)
  3. Make the communication as simple as possible (for example: WCF – this allows you to take the transport decisions out of your code and will allow the IT to decide how the communication will happen)
  4. ESB and BizTalk are great to access different services and data, but only behind your own service. Don’t expose these technologies to the enterprise – you’ll have to deal with all these complexities at every step of your business process. You don’t want that.

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