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Programmer Insecurity

Posted by Igor Moochnick on 07/07/2008

While discussing with co-mentors of GSoC (Google Summer of Code) the communication channels and practices a “Programmer Insecurity” blog post was mentioned – great article and right to the point.

[Short comment:] The problem is that at the beginning of the project when a developer (mainly if he works alone) is still discovering the play field and is not really sure what is he doing. In this case he works on a proof of concept. In many cases the proof of concept becomes an “alpha” version of a product. Yes, it is very dangerous (if the code originally was poorly designed and badly written), but it happens a lot. This leads me that there are certain cases when “reset” of the history becomes handy, but, I do strongly agree, that in most cases, the “programmer insecurity” kill the communication of the ideas and intentions which lead to bad designs, poorly written code and a lot of cleaning work.

  Don’t be shy to hear the feedback and either accept or decline – but do it openly in the open-source world.


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