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70-502 – Congratulations to … me !!!

Posted by Igor Moochnick on 04/18/2008

MCTS It was a looooong wait but it was worth it – just received a word from Microsoft that I’ve passed the 70-502 exam.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post Reflections on the Microsoft WPF Certification BETA Exam (70-502) – it was not a hard exam but it definitely covered a lot of grounds.

Now I’m heading to a bar for beers – I’ve earned it ๐Ÿ˜†


20 Responses to “70-502 – Congratulations to … me !!!”

  1. Trogdor the Sane said

    Cheers, mate! I’ll be taking that as soon as I get my cert book via Amazon.

  2. Thank you.

  3. […] IgorShare: 70-502 – MS WPF Certification Examl […]

  4. indyfromoz said

    Hi Igor,

    I remember a post where you showed a sample WPF application you wrote while preparing for the WPF beta exam. The post you have linked to (Jan 25th 2008) is no longer available. Have you removed it? It was a good guide for people preparing for the MCTS WPF exam.


  5. […] Update: just got a word that I’ve passed the test. Good luck to those who plan to take the test. […]

  6. The original article got marked with a “private” flag somehow – now everything should work.

  7. can you provide a few reference or study books that you used to pass this exam ?
    thanks and congrats

  8. Prashant said

    Hi igormoochnick,
    can u send me the ebook of 70-502 exam.

  9. kishore said

    Hi dude..

    I am also now a WPF certified. Thanks for your motivation

  10. Satya said

    Hi Kishore,

    My hearty congratulations!!!

    Have you taken any online tests from web sites like Transcender or MeasureUp etc? If so what would you recommend?

    I am a 70-502 aspirant. But I haven’t cleared 70-536 yet. My plan is to finish WPF(70-502) first then go to frame work fundamentals(70-536). I guess it is allowed. Is that correct?

    If this is okay for you could you please describe me how you studied for your test 70-502 as well as 70-536?

    Thanks in advance,

  11. Great article, thanks for the share. Blog bookmarked ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. mohit said


    Can you please share the 70-502 ebook.thanks in advance..


  13. Hi dude..

    I am also now a WPF certified. Thanks for your motivation

  14. Fx15 said

    Hi igormoochnick,
    can u send me the ebook of 70-502 exam.

  15. giovhan said

    Hi Igor,

    Nice one.
    I hope its not too late.. can you share your ebook 70-502? ๐Ÿ™‚


  16. Vinod Bhatt said

    Hello guys

    i am also looking for this exam and want to prepare hard. It would be my first Cert exam that i ever had. So pretty excited and nervous a liitile bit. I just want a favour taht Can any one send me the 70-502 Certtification book or link so that i can download that book and start my prepration.

    My email ID is: vinod.bhatt077@gmail.com


    • Sorry, I’ve never used any certification books. Just come up with a simple near-real-life scenario and implement it. While fighting through the errors you’ll learn the technology.

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