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7 Blogging Statistics Rules – There is Life After Page Views

Posted by Igor Moochnick on 03/26/2008


Just red a pretty interesting article from Scott Hanselman about Blogging statistics. I agree on most of the items except from a few minor points:

1. I see a different pattern – people come more on Fridays and not on Mondays. It may depend on the style or content of the blog. I can’t compare my visitor numbers to Scott’s but I do have a graph to prove my point. (Note the deep valleys – weekends).

2. I’ve switched from Google blogging mainly because they had no built-in statistics for the bloggers. I need to check it again, but I do love WordPress due to it’s built-in Code snippets formatting.

One Response to “7 Blogging Statistics Rules – There is Life After Page Views”

  1. fowgre said

    Igor, I can’t explain it, but my highest-traffic day so far has been Monday, and Friday is my slowest weekday. See the spreadsheet for yourself.

    Note: the daily totals along the bottom are for the period 2007/09/03 – 2008/04/06, so each total is for the same number of days (ie, the 191 for 2008/04/07 is not inc. in the Monday total).

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