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Great PowerShell resource to watch

Posted by Igor Moochnick on 02/09/2008

Check out Keith Hill’s blog for the Effective PowerShell series:

Effective PowerShell Item 1: The Four Cmdlets That are the Keys to Finding Your Way Around PowerShell

Effective PowerShell Item 2: Use the Objects Luke. Use the Objects!

Effective PowerShell Item 3: Know Your Output Formatters

Effective PowerShell Item 4: Commenting Out Lines in a Script File

Effective PowerShell Item 5: Use Set-PSDebug -Strict In Your Scripts – Religiously

Effective PowerShell Item 6: Know What Objects Are Flowing Down the Pipe

Effective PowerShell Item 7: Understanding “Output”

Effective PowerShell Item 8: Output Cardinality – Scalars, Collections and Empty Sets – Oh My!

Effective PowerShell Item 9: Regular Expressions – One of the Power Tools in PowerShell

Effective PowerShell Item 10: Understanding PowerShell Parsing Modes

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  1. […] PowerShell resources to watch […]

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